EYEYAH! School Programmes

20 Oct 2023

We offer a host of programmes including IPW/ALP Curricula, Educator Training, Assembly Talks and Workshops.

All our programs use a visual approach with a collection of specially curated illustrations and a slow looking approach to prompt conversation. This is supported by games, puzzles, apps and quizzes to retain attention and make learning fun. A device is recommended for the majority of our workshops. 

Primary School Programs 

Eyeing your way to financial health for primary schools.

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This is a FREE program supported by POSB.

Social Media & Self-Image
Primary school Assembly talk and Workshop about Social Media Anxiety and Self-Image Empowerment.

Fake News Assembly Talk 
Includes a Fake News Quiz and equips students on how to verify the information they consume as well as how misinformation spreads.

Responsible Consumption 
Healthy eating focused assembly talk and workshop covering balanced diet, risks of excess sugar, chemicals in food, food advertising and food waste.

8-Week Sustainability Themed Program (ALP, IPW) 
Includes a teacher training workshop and provision of lesson slides.
To develop divergent and design thinking abilities. Broken up into chapters including an ugly vegetables AR experience.

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Secondary School Programmes

A Hitchhiker’s Guide to Internet Safety

A free digital toolkit with 120 mins of illustration based lessons covering topics such as Cyberbullying, FOMO and Social Media Addiction.

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This is a FREE program supported by Meta

A Mental Health ProgramĀ for youths.

This includes an assembly talk and 8-weeks worth of image based lessons.
Teacher Training to use the materials or Facilitator-run Workshops are both available.
Topics covered include: What is anxiety, What does Anxiety look & feel like, Types of Anxiety, Coping Mechanisms and Resilience.

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SCAMS (Available from May 2024)

The launch of our upcoming SCAMS issue of EYEYAH will feature a free Assembly Talk and copy of EYEYAH! for all students. Book early to reserve your slot.

If you are interested in any of the programmes above and want to bring them to your school, please contact us at education@eyeyah.com