CyberGrime: Online Harms Toolkit for CyberGuardians.

17 Oct 2023

CyberGrime is a comprehensive toolkit to run a student or educator led conversation about online harms. The toolkit is supported by Meta and free for educators and youth ambassadors.

Using eye-catching illustrations, we cover relatable and relevant topics that are essential for digital native youths. Our open conversation approach makes sensitive topics such as cyberbullying easier to digest and provokes rich discussion.

Program Topics


Engaging visual slides with Illustrations and question prompts & a comprehensive Facilitator Guide. The program has 110 minutes of bite-sized content.


Results from our Pilot Program

In October 2023, we conducted a pilot session at 40 students from Institute of Technical Education.

Facilitator Benefits

Join an exclusive community of visual language facilitators!

Come join us and become a CyberGuardian today!

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