EYEYAH! Money Issue



We all know money is great and can satisfy a lot of urges, but when does our greed become dangerous?

This issue of EYEYAH! explores the weird world of money. What’s the difference between needs and wants? How to spot scams and protect yourself from identity theft?

Find out in this hyper-colour journey to financial health for all.

Each printed magazine will include a free sticker set!

Discounted rates are available for bulk-buying and schools, email us at education@eyeyah.com

*You can find the Money Issue Answer Key here.

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With artworks by:

  • Jiaqi Wang @jq.wan (Front Cover)
  • Michelle Sherrina @sherchle
  • John Holcroft @johnholcroftillustration
  • Dan Village @danvillage_illustration
  • Joe ‘Yo-Yo’ Baker @bakedlab
  • Tent Katchakul @tentkatchakul
  • Matt C. Stokes @mattcstokes
  • Tent Katchukul @tentkatchakul
  • Citizen Dan @agoodcitizen
  • Toh Bee Suan @almostasthma
  • Mamatism @mamatism
  • Luqman D @free2luq
  • Trang Dang @trangdrawsbangs
  • Bakeneko @bakeneko.bakeneko
  • Ivan Despi and Sebastien Grey Despi @acidosivan and @umibozo_grey_kid
  • Byba Dolby Sakula @dolbybyba
  • 3land @3landboy
  • Jeff Aphisit @jeffaphisit
  • Mr.Papriko @papriko_ink
  • Brenda Tan @hellopigu
  • Javier Arrés @javierarres
  • Arne Höpfner @arne.hoepfner
  • Choi Haeryung @teummmm (Back Cover)

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