EYEYAH! Trash Issue (Ebook)


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Let’s talk trash!

Call it waste, rubbish, garbage – whatever you call it, we have made trash. Now there’s too much of it. So, what happens if we do nothing? Find out in these 44 pages of shocking, staggeringly evil, mind-blowing facts and activities about the stuff we throw away in the world.
This issue is proudly supported by National Environment Agency.



With artworks by:

  • Chloe Bennett @YEAHYEAHCHLOE (Front Cover)
  • Wondebra Loh @brabraratmama
  • Daniel Sulzberg @danvillage_illustration
  • Richie Velasquez @deladeso
  • Cesc Grané @cescgrane
  • Sam Hinton @samfredhinton
  • Ilham Aishahab @eelhum
  • Matt C Stokes @mattcstokes
  • Jia Li @jiaa.li
  • Arianochi @arianywinie
  • Xerxes Heirman @meneerheirman
  • Iain Macarthur @iain.macarthur
  • Adeline Tan @yell0w
  • Grey @umibozu_grey_kid
  • Acidos Ivan @acidosivan
  • Jango Jim @jango_jim
  • Berat Pekmezci @pekmezci
  • Cristóbal Fortúnez @cristobalfortunez
  • Olivier Rinckel @overcookdeluxe
  • Ann Gee Neo @illobyanngee
  • Vicki Brown @vickibrown
  • Kabutomooshi @kabutomooshi
  • Ain Izzathi @ainizzathi
  • Venya Son @venyason
  • Ugg Lee @iamugglee
  • Cute Brute @thecutebrute
  • Russell Taysom @russelltaysom
  • Jamil Hellu @jamil.hellu
  • Gabriel Hollington @pizza.boobs (Back Cover)