EYEYAH x What’s Up

07 Sep 2021

EYEYAH! has partnered with What’s Up, the Singapore newspaper for students, which is read by 25,000 children across 50 schools. The partnership sees the launch of a new series known as ‘How to use your eyes’, encouraging young readers to become more observant and get better at reading images.

Every month, EYEYAH! curates an artwork from their collection and invites readers to ‘look, see, think’, a process that enables them to interpret images and learn about key societal and environmental issues.

Says Tanya Wilson, EYEYAH! Education Lead, “What’s Up has been bringing value-driven journalism to students since 2003 and we are delighted to partner with them. In the digital age that we live in, a new visual language has emerged and students need to be visually literate to understand images and how they affect us. This new series is a step in that direction and we are confident young readers will be drawn in by the colourful images that are as thought-provoking as they are eye-catching.”

Read more at https://digital.whatsup.sg/2021/06/how-to-use-your-eyes-01/