Design Thinking Workshop for teachers of St Joseph’s Institution Junior

12 Jul 2022

In June 2022, 33 teachers from SJI Jr. took part in a half-day visually led interactive workshop that used illustrations to take participants on a journey of how a designer thinks and solves problems, with emphasis on developing creative confidence and critical thinking skills.


The activities were interspersed by the latest research into teaching and assessing creative thinking, as well as anecdotes about innovators and insights into how designers solve problems.

Future Foods: introducing a bug dish to your school

SJI Jr. teachers brainstorming session

Teachers had to come up with innovative methods to convince their students to eat a dish made of bugs.

“How to Make Toast’ Challenge

Participants were asked to visualise the steps involved in making toast. The surprising variety of drawings help uncover unconscious bias and illustrates how perspectives can dramatically differ.

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Meme Making

Memes are an excellent way of shifting perception. There was lots of laughter as the same image was duplicated with different sets of text, carrying new layers of meaning each time.

91% of participants rated the workshop ‘Excellent’ and ‘very good’. 82% would recommend the workshop to someone else.