EYEYAH! Sea Issue (Ebook)


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Did you know that the Sea covers over 2/3 of the Earth’s surface and 80% of world trade happens on it? Some people even live their whole lives at Sea…


This issue of EYEYAH! explores the magic of the Sea, life on, around and below the ocean. Celebrating travellers and explorers, ships, cargos, containers while recognising some of the threats to ocean life.

This issue is proudly supported by Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore



With artworks by:

  • @jamesclaphamillustration (Cover)
  • @bang.sang
  • @yell0w
  • Mikee Atendido
  • @gersonewone
  • @stubbsillustration
  • @cescgrane
  • @jackteagle
  • @lonerslugs
  • @maddieillustration
  • @chomillustrations
  • @eeshaun
  • @olliehirstillustration
  • @barbusseburo
  • @jamesmcinvaleillustration
  • @amvbbdo
  • @marsconjunctpluto
  • @danvillage_illustration
  • @ohjarret
  • @michahuigenillustration
  • @illobyanngee
  • @russelltaysom
  • @zootghost