Kerchingggg! Financial Literacy Primary School Programme

12 Apr 2024

By 2025, most primary school students in Singapore will be able to use e-payment instead of cash when they buy food and drinks or items from the bookshop. As we move more into a cashless society, understanding the basics of financial literacy is more important than ever.

Supported by POSB, EYEYAH! presents an engaging and free programme that uses illustrations to teach children about this essential life skill in a way that is both FUN and MEMORABLE!

Menu of Learning Options

Interactive Pop-up ATM Kiosks

A collection of 9 interactive touchscreen ATM Kiosks in your school for up to 1 week. Play our quiz and minigames to test your knowledge about financial literacy and try to get the highest score!

*9 ATM Kiosks require two power-points. If space for kiosks is limited or unavailable, we can adjust the number and arrangement of kiosks to fit the school’s needs or provide an interactive experience link for use on school tablets.

Topics covered in Gamified Experience

  1. Types of Money
    • Digital Money
    • Debit vs Credit
  2. Saving
    • Impulsive Shopping
    • Delayed Gratification
  3. Spending
    • Needs VS Wants
    • Sales Tactics
  4. Investing
    • Meaning of ‘Interest’
    • Compound Interest
  5. Safety
    • Password Security
    • Scams

Click here for an extensive Q&A guide on the ATM kiosks

Assembly Talk

A highly engaging visual led interactive session led by our visual-literacy trained facilitators covering the fundamentals of financial health. Tailored for P3 – P6, for 30-45 minutes.

*Topics and length of talk can be tailored according to school needs and requirements.

Topics covered in Assembly Talk

  • What is Money?
  • Digital Money
  • Budgeting & Saving
  • Needs VS Wants
  • Cost of Things
  • Charity


An interactive workshop with an in-depth look into topics such as Credit vs Debit, Compound Interest, Saving and Investing, led by our facilitators. Emphasis on critical and creative thinking. Tailored to P3-P6, for 1 hour 30 minutes.

*Workshops are free for one cohort per school. Topics and length of workshop can be edited according to school needs and requirements.

Topics covered in Workshop

  1. Digital Money
  2. Debit VS Credit
  3. Needs VS Wants
  4. Delayed Gratification
  5. Compound Interest
  6. Temptations to Spend


Illustrated and insightful worksheets that can be paired with the interactive ATM kiosk experience. Teachers can pick from a set of 9 worksheets.

*Will send printable PDF or JPG/PNG file of worksheets chosen.

Click here to view worksheets!

Money Tip Posters

A free set of 10 beautifully designed A2 posters to display around the school to reinforce learnings.

*Waterproof and can also request for a set of 5 A1 posters instead for larger printed size.

Click here to view posters!

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