‘A Visual Language to See the Real World’ Workshop

23 Feb 2022

Based on 40 years combined experience working with images to communicate ideas and address social issues, the founders of EYEYAH! have designed an interactive workshop that uses digital art and animations to spark discussion about complex topics such as internet safety, sustainability and mental health. Participants creative muscles will be re-awakened in this high-energy, highly memorable two-hour workshop that can be held in person or virtually.

Fun activities include caption contests, decoding thought-provoking images, observation activities, divergent thinking exercises and a fake news quiz!

This workshop is suitable for teams wanting to refine problem solving skills, creative and critical thinking. It can be thematically tailored to suit your company, and is also ideal for family days and parent / child bonding activities.

Themes explores include The Internet, responsible consumption, sustainability, diversity and inclusion, The Ocean and mental health.

Participants to date include Facebook South East Asia, Design Singapore Council, National Library Board and the teachers of Chongfu primary school Singapore.

For more information on this workshop, please reach out to hello@eyeyah.com